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Axone Pharma was founded in 2011 and its main task is to represent the brands of our pharmaceutical industry partners.

Currently, we have four experienced and professional sales teams. Thanks to a service that allows our clients to use our skills in areas they wish to exploit, we can offer them an all-in solution or a solution in the areas of sales, marketing and logistics.

We operate in Belgium and Luxembourg and our sales teams are always available to pharmacists to answer any questions or comments they may have.

What makes us different?

Incredible know-how

  • Experience in the market
  • Fantastic teams with expertise
  • Excellent connections in the market

Positioning in the market

  • Connections with Reddata
  • Connections with Medipartner
  • Connections within Febelco Group

Great service

  • Up and running for you in two weeks!
  • 100% transparency
  • Tailor-made reporting 

"Building long term partnerships to reinforce presence of our partner’s brands."

Do you have a question?